Michael Fey

You Should See The Other Guy

This poor three-winged guy has been hanging around the bird feeder post near our pool for the past few days, apparently waiting for me to come and take his photo.

The Bubbler

When winter sets in on Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks the boat houses on the lake set out a bubbler, a small prop that churns the water just enough to keep the ice from forming inside the boat house. I found this one setting inside my brother's boat house and thought it would make a cool HDR. This photo is a five shot HDR processed in Photoshop CS 6 and then touched up in Aperture.

Saint William's on Long Point

On Raquette Lake in the Adirondack Park of New York State sits Saint William's Church. Originally built in 1890 as Catholic church, Saint William's now exists as a nonprofit organization that offers a landlocked location for retreats and other functions. This photo is a five shot HDR processed in Photoshop CS 6 and then touched up in Aperture.

Boat House Chains

This chain and pulley system hangs in my brother's boat house in Raquette Lake, NY. While hiding out from the rain during our vacation I looked up at the ceiling and thought, "That would make a cool HDR". This photo is a five shot HDR processed in Photoshop CS 6 and then touched up in Aperture.

The Girl at the Fountain

Wells Fargo


White Orchid, Redux

It's amazing how stepping away from a photo for a bit can make you rethink the post-processing. After initially determining the photo "finished" with very little post-processing I decided to see what it would look like it I touched it up just a bit. What resulted was a much less dull image with a bit more color where you would want it. Overall, I'm much happier with this image now than I was with last night's version.

Falls in Fall

Though I don't do it very often, capturing flowing water is one of my favorite things to do. This small set of "sister falls" sits just off the trail on the way down to the main falls in Chittenango Falls State Park. The combination of the overcast day, the fallen leaves on the ground and the wet, mossy rock made for a very warm, inviting scene. These falls don't flow all the time and most of the time I've been to the park they are actually dry. It was a great surprise to see them going like this. And yes, I did seriously consider moving that dead tree limb out of frame but decided to err on the side of not having a broken neck.

ADK Sunrise

These two Adirondack chairs sit on my brother's lakefront in Raquette Lake and make for a perfect photo subject at sunrise. They also happen to be a great spot to enjoy a frosty beverage in the evening! One of my favorite things about this photo is how the backs of the chairs are completely silhouetted against the lake.

Canoe Off Into The Sunset

With my tripod in front of me in this single-man canoe I was trying desperately to keep the boat level with the horizon and capture a sharp photo. Not an easy feat, I assure you. My only regret was not being able to close down my aperture more to get the bow of the boat in sharp focus.


My brother has a beautiful three-year old Lab named Chancellor who has the run of the camp where he lives. I think one of my favorite things about this particular shot is that, if you look close, you can see the lawn and the lake reflected in his eyes.

Sunrise Over The Reeds

This photo was made moments after the sun peeked over Blue Mountain, looking down on Raquette Lake.

A Pixel in the Grass

While on our daily walk today I took this overhead photo of Pixel in the park.

The Lovely Chef

During dinner prep last night I decided to work on my off-camera flash technique and managed to take this beautiful portrait. I'm only a few days into owning my first speedlight and don't really have it down yet, so I had to even out the shadows and the highlights in post.

The Potter

I made this photo of Gregory Rudd, a potter from Inlet, NY, working a lump of clay during the Golden Harvest Festival at Beaver Lake Nature Center in Baldwinsville, NY. The sun was high in the sky and the hard light made for some great sharp shadows. I have found that when I process a photo for black and white I get very aggressive with the adjustment sliders. Here I boosted the definition like crazy, dropped the highlights way down, and bumped the contrast just slightly.

One Twenty

In the parking lot of a nearby shopping center sits this 1941 Packard One Twenty. It's a gorgeous car that is rented out by a local bridal shop for weddings. When my family headed out to do some grocery shopping around sunset this evening I grabbed my camera and decided to finally capture this beauty.

Grassy Sunset

I found this field a few weeks ago while chasing down a sunset that just never paid off. When I came back a couple nights ago all the grass had been recently cut and it made for this really cool effect as the setting sun uniformly highlighted the tips of the grass. I geared up with jeans, a hoody, and bug spray before I set out and I'm glad I did. To make this shot I ended up laying flat on my belly surrounded by bugs with the sweet, thick scent of manure in my nose from a nearby corn field. Straight off the camera, no editing in post.

Chatham Sunrise

On the same morning I captured the Chatham Light Silhouette I also headed onto Chatham Lighthouse Beach and made quite a few photos right down by the water. I had heard that when making landscape photos you want to "get low", so I got as low as I could and set the camera right on the sand. The result was a foreground that was anchored by the sand and an image that was generally more pleasing than the ones taken from a standing or even kneeling position. I took quite a few frames of varying composition from this point on the beach and it was quite difficult to get it narrowed down to this one. In post I straightened the photo and removed one spot of lens flare.

Guarding the Sunset

While in Cape Cod I found myself out a lot at sunrise and sunset (as you do). While trying to make some pictures of the surf at Sea Gull Beach after the sun had gone down I noticed this family in the guard tower watching the last of the kite flyers play in the wind. When I came near and setup for my shot the daughter and her father climbed down to come greet my dog, Pixel. As I was chatting with them I mentioned that I had a beautiful silhouette of them in the tower before they climbed down. The father turned to his daughter and said, "come on, we're going back up in the tower!" where they stayed until I was confident I had made the shot.

Love Is In The Air

I found these two lady bugs taking a tour on top of a stone near a local park. It took quite a while for them to stop moving long enough to make this photo. I love how the extremely narrow DOF is shown off here.

Dappled Photosynthesis

Even though the sun was very high when I headed out with my dog for our afternoon walk there were some great clouds in the sky. I decided to see if I could find some nice light and capture them in the background of a shot. I've always loved dappled light and thought that the way the sun was hitting these leaves made for a great photo. This image is exactly how it came out of the camera, no retouching, no cropping.

The Fire Worshiper

A late night bonfire yielded some great photos. In post I upped the exposure and de-noised the image a bit.